Article Processing Charges

Publication Fees

To provide Open Access, IJAJS uses a business model to offset expenses—including those of peer review management, journal production and online hosting and archiving—by charging a publication fee to the authors, institutions or funders for each article published.

  • Short Review or Case Report: 200,00 € plus taxes*
  • Original or any other category: 400,00 € plus taxes*

*Taxes (VAT):
– European Union private customers must add VAT upon standard rate (4%)
– European Union private/public organizations (universities, hospitals, others with regular VAT number) should not add any taxes at standard rate, provided that they indicate their VAT number
– Outside the European Union, individuals and organizations should not add any taxes at standard rate.

At submission no charges are applied and authors are asked to confirm his or her awareness of the applicable publication fee. A confirmation has to be obtained in order to start the peer-review.

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