Issues 2017

Vol. 4 Issue 1

Fernández-Valencia J.A. Short Term Results of this International Open Journal: Alive, Fresh and Cited. Int J Adv Jt Reconstr. 2017;4(1): 1-2.

Cruz-Sánchez M, Gamba C, Marqués-López F. Total hip arthroplasty in failed pertrochanteric osteosynthesis. Safe and effective. Int J Adv Jt Reconstr. 2017;4(1): 3-7.

Vilatela A, Estrems V, Amaro A, Cabanes I, Diranzo J, Hernández L, Bru A. Long-stemmed reverse total shoulder arthroplasty for bi-focal humeral fractures in elderly patients: a report of three cases and literature review. Int J Adv Jt Reconstr. 2017;4(1): 8-13.

Ivalde FC, Bataglia D, Nizzo G, Melo M, Socolovsky M, Nizzo G. Arthrodesis of the shoulder in posttraumatic brachial plexus palsy. Functional outcome and complications. Int J Adv Jt Reconstr. 2017;4(1): 14-18.

Nuevo M, Rodriguez-Nuevo A, Hervas A, Arza-Valdés A, Garzón-Rey JM, Aguiló J, Faura T. Do educational and empowerment sessions reduce stress levels before knee arthroplasty? Int J Adv Jt Reconstr. 2017;4(1): 19-25.

Vol. 4 Issue 2

Fernández-Valencia JA. Pertrochanteric fractures: thinking out of the box. Int J Adv Jt Reconstr. 2017; 4(2): 26.

Gupta V, Arora M,Alva K, Dongre A, Thakur H, Shetty V. Factors influencing the length of hospital stay after simultaneous bilateral total knee arthroplasty. Int J Adv Jt Reconstr. 2017; 4(2): 27-32.

Fernández A, Mata-Mata A, Mejías J. Treatment of femur pertrochanteric fractures with external fixation in patients over 60 years-old. Experience at Hospital Domingo Guzman Lander. Int J Adv Jt Reconstr. 2017;4(2): 33-37.

Ballesteros-Betancourt JR, Ríos M, García-Tarriño R, Domingo A, Peidro Ll, Llusá M. Anatomic and Surgical Basis for Posteroanterior Distal Locking of the Endomedullary Antegrade Humeral Nailing. Int J Adv Jt Reconstr. 2017;4(2): 38-45.

Tafoya-Arreguín GA, Martínez-Ruíz JJ, Sánchez-Enriquez S. Radiometric Factors Associated with Functional Prognosis after Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction. Int J Adv Jt Reconstr. 2017;4(2): 46-51.

Ballesteros-Betancourt JR, García-Tarriño R, Domingo A, Gutiérrez-Medina D, Sastre S, Combalía A, Llusá M. Surgical anatomy and technique for the treatment of Dubberley type 1, 2 and 3 capitellar fractures via a limited anterior approach to the elbow. Int J Adv Jt Reconstr. 2017;4(2):52-64.

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